Glow Product – “The Ice Glows Brand”

The Product

  • A range of products developed to complement any party or celebration.
  • From traditional bend and break products to an array of more advance LED products


  • Products that radiate a variety of colours from cool blue, flaming red or luxurious purple, creating a dramatic and stylish ambience
  • Our selection features an array of LED products along with traditional bend and break system products


  • Safe and easy to use. Complies with all relevant legislation
  • Creates a soothing atmosphere. Add that extra touch!

Health & Safety

  • Glow Products Category 1
  • Safe for indoor use (can be hand held)


  • Dependent on product ranging from 8 hours to 2 weeks dependent on usage

General Information

  • Range from hand-held products (retail customers) to wholesale products (specific venue customers)
  • Size varies throughout all our product range
“Our Mission is to provide the best quality in entertainment, ensuring our customers` needs and requirement are met”